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Autor: Ivo Biočina | Izvor: HTZ

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Your holiday in Opatija is a great chance to book one of the many excursions on offer and explore the surrounding countryside and the enchanting Kvarner Bay.

Kvarner Cruise

Get ready for a maritime adventure that will take you across the Kvarner Bay.

Sail along the riviera of Opatija and visit islands of Krk, Cres Lošinj, Susak, Ilovik, Unije.

Croatia is known as a land with a 1000 islands, and the northern Adriatic is dotted with some of the most beautiful ones. Witness firsthand the clean seas, lush flora, and historic towns of this little Mediterranean paradise.

Autor: Marko Vrdoljak | Izvor: HTZ

Rijeka, Trsat, Shrine to Virgin Mary

Take a day trip to the neighbouring city of Rijeka and explore its rich history and culture.

Don't miss the chance to visit the charming old town and see the leaning tower of Rijeka, famous Korzo street and the two-headed eagle.

Climb to the old fort of Trsat, overlooking the city and Kvarner Bay to discover the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, the most important religious pilgrimage site in Rijeka.

Učka Nature Park

If you prefer to spend an active day, Učka Nature Park offers an opportunity to hike, mountain bike, free-climb, and more. Taking a guided tour of the nature preserve is equal parts educational, relaxing, and beautiful.

Autor: Ivo Biočina | Izvor: HTZ

Istra Tour Rovinj – Pula – Poreč

A full-day tour departing from Opatija at 8.30 am. Driving along the coast to Pula. Upon arrival, guided city tour starting from the Arena, stopping by Hercules Gate, the Cathedral and finishing at the Temple of Augustus. After the city tour, there is a short break. 

The tour then continues by travelling to Rovinj. Upon arrival, a stroll through the town to the Church of St. Euphemia and artist colony to the city gates. After the tour, lunchtime in a restaurant in the centre.

After the lunch break, the tour continues by travelling to Porec. Upon arrival, a guided walk through Porec and sightseeing. After the visit and break, a ride through central Istria and through the tunnel Učka back to Opatija

Krk Tour

A full-day tour departing from Opatija at 8.00 am. Driving through the city of Rijeka, then along the coast to the Krk Bridge. After crossing the bridge, a ride to the city of Krk.

A guided city tour starting at the city gate, stopping on the square of St. Quirinus to admire the tower courthouse and city walls and continuing to the Cathedral and then back to the city centre. After a break, a ride to Punat and a boat ride from there to the little island of Košljun where the monastery, ethnographic collection and the museum are visited.

After the visit, a boat ride back to Punat and a ride to Vrbnik. City tour and walk through the narrow streets to the winery Nada where there is a presentation on wine production and tasting of various brandy and wine sorts as well as "pršut" (dried ham) and cheese. After visiting Vrbnik, a ride back to Opatija Back at about 6.00 pm. 

Plitvice lakes National park

A full-day tour departing from Opatija at 7.30 am. Driving along the coast to Senj and making a short break there. Continuing the journey to the mountain pass Vratnik and riding through Lika region to the national park.

Upon arrival, the park tour begins by walking by the Lower Lakes. A tour of the largest waterfall and numerous cascades leads to Lake Kozjak. Lunch break and free time on Kozjačka draga. After the break, an electric boat ride across the Lake Kozjak to the Upper Lakes.

A walk by the Upper Lakes where, along with numerous cascades and waterfalls, there are two major waterfalls to see: Veliki and Mali Prštavci. After walking, the tour is continued by riding on a panoramic train. After the whole tour has been completed, there is a break for refreshments and then ride back to Opatija. Arrival to Opatija is planned for around 7.30 pm. 

National park Brijuni

A full-day tour departing from Opatija at 9:00 am. A drive to Fažana and a boat ride to Brijuni. Upon arrival on the island of Brijuni, a guided tour of Roman villas, a zoo park, Tito's residences and other sites. After the sightseeing and free time, a ride back to Opatija. Arrival to Opatija is planned for around 6.00.

Kupa River Rafting

Departure from Opatija at 9:00 am. The ride to the border in Severin na Kupi. After border formalities, a drive to Fara location. Refreshments and a brief presentation of the program. Distribution of gear. Taking the rafts and doing the first leg of rafting for about 2 hours. Upon arrival at the station, lunch break without gear. After lunch, the second 1 hour leg of rafting and games included. Changing into regular clothes and visiting the restaurant where refreshments are available before departure.

Postojna – Postojna Cave

During winter the tour departs 8:00 am. The ride to Postojna takes about 90 minutes. Upon arrival, a short break and entance into the Postojna Cave. Train ride and a meeting with the local guide for the guided tour of the cave. After visiting the cave, a train ride back to the entrance. A short break for refreshments and buying souvenirs. Departure for Opatija.


Departure at 6:00 am. Drive to Rovinj. Upon arrival in Rovinj, customs formalities and boarding. Boat ride to Venice. Upon arrival in Venice, a guided tour of the city. After a tour and visit to the Murano glass manufactory, free time for optional activities (gondola ride, lunch, a tour of the city with a boat - taxi, etc.) After the break, meeting with the guide and returning to the ship. The boat ride to Rovinj and then a bus ride to Opatija. Back in Opatija around 10:00 pm.


A full-day tour departing from Opatija at 8:00 am. The drive to the border and through Slovenia to Italy and Trieste. Upon arrival, a drive through the city and a panoramic sightseeing tour ending in San Giusto. Upon arrival, a guided tour of Roman ruins, the fort and early Romanesque church of San Giusto. Return to the city centre. Arrival to the Piazza Unita and free time for individual sightseeing. After the break, bus ride to Miramare Castle. A tour of the park, Centre for the Exploration of the Adriatc and the Miramare Castle. After the sightseeing and a break, departure for Opatija. Arrival in Opatija around 5.00 pm.

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